Sarojini premiered on 20th July 2015 on Zee TV.

Sarojini is a portrayal of women who endorses courage, strength & spirit of never giving up.

Story of an Urban literate woman from Delhi, pursuing Masters & also teaches in a university. She meets SomendraDushyant Singh who becomes her student in class. Somendra rich spoilt rowdy boy from Pratapgarh, who goes to any extent to make Sarojini fall in love with him. Eventually they get married, Sarojini comes to Pratapgargh begins to live in with Somendra’s family. Sarojini gets a reality check when she learns about the house’s culture &traditions which are followed in the fear of Dushyant Singh. Sarojini’s first challenge posed by Dushyant Singh was getting another wife for Somendra. As per tradition in Pratapgarh, if a boy is not available for the wedding, the girl can marry with groom’s belongings/ photo frame. Sarojini’s initial & longest battle was to fight to secure her marriage from second wife Mannu&Dushyant’s evil intentions. Sarojini fights against all unethical practices set by DushyantSingh ,against women in the house & has ensured to give their share of respect, dignity & freedom of living.

Telecast : Mon - Sat 6:30 pm
First episode : July 20, 2015
Language : Hindi
Genre : Indian soap opera

Mohit Sehgal | Pankaj Tripathi | Mohit Sehgal | Ketki Kadam | Purva Parag | Salina Prakash | Nitin Goswami