Saath Nibhana Saathiya is the story of two cousins – Gopi and Rashi – who are complete opposites. Gopi is an orphan who lives with her Mama-Mami and cousin Rashi. She is very innocent and is illiterate. Rashi is very greedy like her mother Urmila Shah.The story starts with Kokila 's search for a perfect bride for her son Ahem. She chooses Gopias her daughter-in-law. This makes Urmila becomes jealous of Gopi so they trick Ahem'scousin Jigar into marrying Rashi. Ahem leaves his girlfriend Anita for his mother without knowing that Gopi is illiterate. Rashi and Urmila try to ruin Gopi's married life with their tricks: it fails after Gopi becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl named Meera. Ahem confesses his love for Gopi and after many complications Rashi gives birth to twins named Samar and Sahir. Gopi is also reunited with her parents and sister. Umang - Anita's brother comes back to get revenge on Ahem for ditching Anita, by fake-loving Radha, Gopi's sister. Umang already has a wife called Tripti. Among and Tripti try to steal all their money. Among suddenly dies and Gopi gets arrested for killing him but the truth comes out as Tripti had killed Umang. Afterwards, Kinjal gets pregnant. Radha refuses to believe that Tripti had killed Umang. Radha decides to kill Meera to take revenge on Gopi as Radha still believes that she had killed Umang. One day, when the Modi Family went to Kuldevi Temple for a picnic, Radha tried hard to make Meera fall into the lake, fortunately Gopi comes running to Meera and tries to get her away from the lake, but just then poor Gopi slips on the wet grass and dropped Meera into the lake. Meera is not found afterwards.

Kokila and Ahem blame Gopi for the death of Meera, so then Gopi leaves the house, without telling anyone she was pregnant.After many twists and turns Rashi with the kids lock Radha and make Gopi marry Ahem without her knowledge. They find Meera after many problems and Ahem accepts Gopi.But Anurag Joshi comes to Modi Bhawan and tries to marry Gopi. Rashi saves Gopi but unfortunately dies while saving Gopi. Jigar marries rashi’s cousin paridhi. Gopi’s sister radha comes back to take revenge of her husband umang’s death with her sister gopi . radha gets pregnant with jigar’s child “Rashi” she tries to kill rashi in omkareshwar but she gets killed by gopi..and she is jailed. here we take 10 years leap. Gopi comes out of jail and unites her family. Here we introduced another family. Gaura suryawanshi is kokila’s childhood friend. She comes to take revenge with kokila for his brother’s death. She gets meera vidya (Gopi’s daughter ) marries in her family with her son and grandson. Where she tries all sort of plan to kill kokila, gopi, ahem. Gopi’s mother madhu unites with gaura and tries to kill kokila… but she falls from hill and dies.. vidya gets pregnant with but the twist comes at the time of celebration when shravan’s sister Naiya enters and it is reveled that shravan has to give his first born child to naiya’s in laws… and the story carry forwards…

Telecast : Mon - Fri 7:00 pm
First episode : May 3, 2010
Language : Hindi
Genre : Indian soap opera

Gunn Kansara | Swati Bajpai | Rubbina Shergill | Deeya Chopra | Ragini Nandwani