This story is based on santoshi maa's devotees, how santoshi maa saves them from negativity and bad things and always ensure that they are happy.

At Devlok, The goddess of jealousy Poulomi is angry and upset about the truth that santoshi maa is being treated and worshipped as God on the earth. She is angry on the decision of tridevis that is parvati, saraswati and lakshmi maa that santoshi will be treated as Santosh ki devi. The amount of anger and jealousy inside poulomi towards santoshi is soo much that she started hurting the devotees of Santoshi maa.

VInayak Tripathy and his wife RIdhima are one of the biggest devotees of Santoshi maa. Their feelings and worship for santoshi maa increased when after her pooja ridhima gave birth to a baby girl and named their daughter Santoshi. It was santoshi's 8th birthday when vinayak and ridhima took her to Santoshi Maa's mandir, there cyclone is coming towards the mandir, trees were started falling, pillars were shaking, everybody started running here and there. This was done by poulomi.

As soon as ridhima and vinayak realized that santoshi Maa's murti is still inside the temple without thinking about their lost daughter they run inside to save Maa Santoshi's murti.while saving the murti, pillars fall on them and they die on the spot and just when one pillar was gonna fall on santoshi we see that santoshi maa has come down and saves her from that. Santoshi gets surprised as she feels that she has become a burden on her Tau Janardan and Chacha Seshnath Both Daksha Tai and Madhuri Chachi makes santoshi do all the household work, both tries to make her life difficult but some how santoshi mata helps and save her devotee santoshi. And that is how time has passed and now kid santoshi has grown up but still she has been working like a servant at her house. She still looks happy and always remembers santoshi maa. Poulomi doesn't like it at all and still she has always been planning to harm santoshi by some or the other thing.

Likewise Santoshi, Raghavendra Mishra is also working like a servant to his children in his own house. Although his childrens are wealthy and has a good and big name in the society but still they don't give their parents what they need and for small small things they make their parents die everyday. Still Raghavendra Mishra is not sad over this as he has a stress over his youngest son dhairya, who is good for nothing and spoilt.

Telecast : Mon - Fri 9:00 pm
First episode : Nov 30, 2015
Language : Hindi
Genre : Mythology

Gracy Singh | Ratan Rajput | Ayaz Ahmed | Sayantani Ghosh