Shakti is the story about two sisters, Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) and Surbhi (Roshni Sahota). Soumya is not liked by her father and grandmother, but is adored by her mother. Surbhi gets all the attention from her father. Soumya is a calm and quiet girl, but Surbhi is a fun-loving and loquacious girl. A trouble-maker, Harman (Vivian Dsena), breaks into Soumya's house while running away from some goons. While there, Harman develops feelings for Soumya.

Harman learns that Surbhi did called the goons and decides to kidnap her but kidnaps Soumya by mistake. Harman releases Soumya the next day, but all the villagers accuse her of sleeping with Harman. To avoid insult to both the families, Harman's father orders him to apply sindoor on Soumya's forehead and Harak Singh inform to the villagers that he will bring his daughter-in-law together with him after the marriage is done with full of rituals. Nimmi, Soumya's mother, is shocked to see that Soumya is married to Harman.

Soumya's mother worries that Harman isn't the right match for Soumya because he might go against her after knowing Soumya's truth. Despite the protests of Harman's mother and Soumya's father and grandmother, Soumya and Harman get married. During the wedding Soumya's grandmother tries to poison Soumya, but she recovers. After the failed poisoning, Soumya's father tries to poison her with a poisonous snake disguised as a snake. Surbhi finds the snake and replaces it with bracelets, and Soumya remains unaware of the attempt on her life. Harman called Soumya as Gulabo and some romantic moments happened between Harman and Soumya.

Later Soumya is shocked to learn that she is intersex and attempts suicide, but Harman saves her. When Harman makes a romantic advance, Soumya reveals that she is intersex and that she loves Harman. Harman becomes enraged and Nimmi begs Harman not to reveal Soumya's secret. Soon Harman and Soumya become friends. However, Preeto finds out Soumya's secret and has Soumya exiled to a transgender and intersex society. Meanwhile, Harman and Surbhi try to find Soumya as they do not know that she is in this society and Harman realize that he has fallen for Soumya.

Moreover, Harman's mother wants Harman to get married to Mahi but he refuses. Later Harman and Surbhi try their best to find Soumya and at last succeed. Harman and Soumya are hiding from the shadows of Harak Singh and the Kinners. When they both reach Soumya home they find out Surbhi is getting married in the three days that follow. In the day of Surbhi's wedding, Soumya gets kidnapped by Rani and Ravenna and got sold. On the same day, Harman was getting married to Mahi and Mallika was there. Mallika receives news that Soumya is kidnapped and calls Harman as he is doing the rituals. Harman leaves the marriage hall to find Soumya.

Later Harman, Surbhi and Mallika try to find Soumya. They get Surbhi sold to reach Soumya and Harman rescus both of them but when they reach home they know Nimmi had died. Meanwhile, Soumya's dad warn Soumya not to enter the home and Harman takes Soumya with him. When Harman returns home everyone is waiting for him to marry Mahi but to their shock they see Soumya with him, holding her hand. Mahi breaks the marriage and leaves.

Telecast :Mon - Fri 8:00 pm
First episode : May 30, 2016
Language : Hindi
Genre : Indian soap opera

Vivian Dsena | Rubina Dilaik | Roshni Sahota | Kamya Punjabi | Ayub Khan